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Supporting Your Child’s Sporty Lifestyle

In between taking care of our newborn, our toddler, and homeschooling our girls, I’ve been attempting to “feed” myself with our pastor Steve Murrell’s latest book entitled MY FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD ATTEMPT AT PARENTING (after more important modes of feeding, of course….like reading my Bible and….uhm…having cake *cue a guilty grin here*). I have to admit my pace is… Read more →

Can’t Afford to be Sick

I was going to start writing about Liam’s birth but the past two weeks have really all been a blur. Just when the adrenaline from giving birth has finally gone down and my body was just about ready to get more than a total of two hours of sleep per 24-hour cycle, we found out that Liam’s bilirubin levels were… Read more →

Boost Your Family’s Immune System

Since a lot of my friends’ kids have been getting sick, I decided to write a short post on what supplements we take to try to boost up our immune system. For the grown-ups: Malunggay capsules I think all of us know by now that our very own Malunggay is known all over the world as a superfood. You may… Read more →

Why I’m Trying Out PropanTLC

Since I have doctor for a dad, I grew up always hearing him give a lecture on health. Sometimes I would hear him talk about health to his patients, but most of the time, the lectures were directed to me. During my elementary years, his lectures were all about healthy vs junk food. I had to stay away fromĀ  this,… Read more →