Hello!  Welcome home. 🙂

My name is Thammie Sy.  I am first and foremost a woman loved and rescued by God.  He is the reason why I am living life to the fullest!  🙂 I am married to Dennis– a full-time minister and founder of actlikeaman.org, my best friend, and the man I am glad I have the privilege of walking alongside with. I am the happy mom of two beautiful girls and one healthy, happy, and handsome baby boy.

I grew up in a generation where most of our mothers had careers. That was the norm back then. And so, I spent most of my growing years with nannies and household help. I did not get to taste yummy and nutritious breast milk “that’s best for babies up to two years”; I was not required to learn anything that involved taking care of the home; I could pretty much just lie around the house the whole day and still have food to eat and clothes to wear— all prepared in advanced by someone else….for me! In short, the way I was raised was very much different from how most of our children are being raised now, or at least how I actually envisioned raising my own family. My exposure to domestic duties was not enough to teach me what I needed to know for when I finally had my own family.

Fortunately for me, learning has always been something that I love and enjoy. It became natural for me to read and do research on what I needed to know, and also to interview and ask other women.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably of kindred spirit. The fact that you are reading and are on the net looking out for great content means that you love being a wife, a homemaker, and a mom— and you would do whatever it takes to become the best wife and mom that you can be. 🙂

I hope you will find this blog inspiring as well as empowering. I hope that in here, you will be reminded that though we give of ourselves and our very best in being wives and moms, we are not defined by our performance. I hope that you will be liberated to know that you are valuable as a woman, not because of what you do or how you do things, but simply because of who you are in Christ.  I hope that we will get to celebrate the journey of growing as women, as wives, and as moms together— sharing principles and practical things that we learn along the way. (There’s nothing I’d love more than hearing and learning from all of you, too! :))

Welcome, my friends! 🙂