Note to Self: Start the Week Right

It’s been quite  a while since I last shared my thoughts here, hasn’t it?

That was on purpose. I wanted to be more focused on being with the kids, with as little distraction (as if that could really happen) as possible. So since last year, the only social media app I retained on my phone was Instagram, and I decided to use the laptop mostly for homeschool purposes. I found that just by making access to Facebook less convenient, I had more time in my hands for more fruitful things.

I also honestly wanted to re-do my site, but I always put it off, waiting for the “perfect” idea or theme to come to mind, the “perfect” person to help me out with it, and the “perfect” time to do it. Of course, we all know that’s also the perfect formula for getting nothing done. So there, nothing was ever done about that.

I am trying to start writing again, though, because my eldest has been begging me to. Apparently, she just started a new hobby, which is to read my blog posts. She just told me that she’s been reading and re-reading my posts from waaaay back when she was a baby, and she asked how come I don’t write about the little boys anymore. She also pointed out that I should have more things to write about, now that there are four of them. So I shall see this as writing for them.

Oh, and yes, there’s that part of my character that I need to work on, too. The stop-waiting-for-the-perfect-time-and-just-do-what-you-have-to part. I will write, and decide it doesn’t have to be perfect. I will write, and decide it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. I will write, and decide it’s not about me or what I have to say.

I will write, with the hope that at least one person can relate and learn from my mistakes and my victories. I will write, with the hope that I can speak to more women, who I would otherwise not ever meet or have the chance to have a conversation with. I will write, with the hope that my children and my children’s children– even when I’m away from them, will read my posts, and be reminded of all that I’ve imparted to them. They will read my posts, remember how imperfect I was (maybe laugh at me and my issues for a bit), and then remember how perfectly the grace of God was evident and at work in me and in our family. 🙂

So….hello there, again! (*insert ackward smile and wave with beso or handshake here*)

I will end this post by sharing with you a part of my devotions this morning (which was essentially the reason why I decided to turn on my laptop and write, before I started babbling!).

Genesis 1 (throughout the entire chapter)

“And there was evening and there was morning, the _____ day.”

Genesis 2:2 

“And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.”


I assume that you are pretty much like me in the sense that we could go on and on working and doing things– either for work, or for the kids’ education, or for whatever else the household or the family needs. It’s a normal thing for us to work late into the night, because that’s when the kids are asleep and we feel we can finally get more serious work done.

But I felt God wanted to remind me in this chapter, “Anak, there’s evening, and there’s morning. There’s a time for work, and there’s a time to rest. I am a God of order and timing. I want you to reflect that side of me.”

And there was evening and then there was morning. 

I don’t think the author got the order of things confused there. God wants to remind us to start from REST. Start your day from a position of rest. Work in light of the fact that God has blessed us with the gift of rest, and He has also commanded us to rest. Start this week knowing full well that you can rest, because the God who has assigned you the work you are about to do has also assigned you to rest.

Have I mentioned the word REST enough yet? Or do you need to hear it more? (Oh yes, I’m on to you– fellow homeschooling and household-managing, working-from-home or working-outside-the-home, or fellow stay-at-home…you, fellow child-rearing and husband-helping and basically fellow woman!)

I will say it again: REST. Because you serve a God who not just allows you to, but also gives you just that.

And even if we always say our work never gets done, let’s decide to finish our work, call it good, and rest. 🙂


Have a fruitful, rest-filled week! 🙂



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