The One Homeschooling Event You Would Want to be a Part of

The One Homeschool Activity You Would Want To Be A Part OfThe way I see it, homeschooling is not just about having school at home. It is not just about choosing the right curriculum, finding a good school routine or structure, or the mommy being called teacher-mom. Homeshooling is a way of life. It is intentional, purposeful parenting. It is bringing up and training our children in the way they should go– according to their bent, disciplining and instructing them, building foundations of faith and character in them, so when they are old they will not depart from it. Homeschooling is discipleship at home. 

One of the major lessons I’ve learned in our years of homeschooling is that I, as a parent-teacher, have to keep learning. I myself am a student.

Although there is much to learn from books (and I do highly encourage you to read as much as you can), there’s another aspect of learning that you simply cannot neglect– the learning that comes not just from transfer of information, but one that is caught through impartation. This can only come from being with people. And there are four categories of people that I encourage you to learn from: 

  • Those who have gone ahead of you — those who’ve done this and were fruitful in this area
  • Those who are still in the journey and are thriving amidst the very real challenges
  • Those who have had training in areas you need to develop
  • Those who share the same values with you…like-minded parents you can “exchange notes” with

Truth be told, I don’t think I would have thrived in homeschooling without these kinds of people in my life. 

In light of this, I have great news for all of you. The Homeschoolers Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI) is once again having its Philippine Homeschool Conference. 🙂

Here are some details to get you excited: 

Did you see the lineup of speakers?? Did you see the keynote topics and the breakout sessions?? Need I say more??

Seriously. I do hope you block off this date and register for this conference. 🙂 

Exciting talaga to!!??

Follow the following social media accounts to get updates about the PHC 2016:

For more details of the PHC 2016 registration process, program, speakers’ profiles, and other details, please visit the PHC 2016 event organizer’s website

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