Can’t Afford to be Sick

I was going to start writing about Liam’s birth but the past two weeks have really all been a blur. Just when the adrenaline from giving birth has finally gone down and my body was just about ready to get more than a total of two hours of sleep per 24-hour cycle, we found out that Liam’s bilirubin levels were way above normal and he had to be admitted back to the hospital for phototherapy. I’m grateful the reason for his confinement wasn’t as serious as Isaiah’s case before, but honestly? It took a lot of energy to take my thoughts captive and not allow my brain to review all that happened two years ago with Isaiah. I had to take my thoughts and emotions captive, otherwise I would have caved in to fear and anxiety, which really wasn’t helpful at the time (or any other time).

phototherapy jaundice

Liam was supposed to be admitted to the NICU, but we were advised against it because there were a lot of babies who had infectious diseases. It took us quite a while to get a room because the pediatric unit was also full. In short, there were many kids who were sick! We also learned later on that many of the children had either dengue or pneumonia.

Since returning from the hospital this week, I have been thinking about the widespread diseases among many children in Metro Manila ranging from the deadly dengue, pneumonia, or the common cough and cold. Have you ever heard elders tell us “bawal magkasakit”?? Now that we have a newborn here at home, I find this to be so much more relevant now. It’s not just an old suggestion anymore. We really cannot afford to get sick!

As what our family doctor advised us – we, as parents, need to be vigilant for the health and well-being of our kids. Viruses and infection are everywhere. A healthy immune system is key. It’s what determines how our bodies will respond to all the harsh elements in our environment. We  therefore need to take pro-active roles in ensuring that we all have a strong and healthy immune system to ward off the common illnesses plaguing a lot of kids today.

I read somewhere before that the things we ingest are only of two categories– they are either medicine (which promote healthier bodies) or poison (which slowly kill our bodies). Pretty straightforward. One of the most important determining factors when it comes to our health is really what we put into our bodies. Because of this, we have been trying our best to give our kids a healthy diet of fish, vegetables, and fruits. “Trying” is the operative word here, because admittedly, our children have a long, long way to go in terms of getting their nutrients from a well-balanced meal. All of them have no problem with fruits, so at least that area of nutrient source is covered. However, getting them to eat their vegetables is still a challenge. When it comes to sources of protein and carbohydrates, let’s just say we are still working on having a good balance in that area. In the meantime, while we are still trying to get them not just to eat their vegetables, but to actually enjoy eating them, we have decided to give them supplements, just to ensure they are still getting their needed dose of nutrients and minerals every day. I am currently contemplating on letting them practice taking capsules already, so they can take malunggay capsules, but for now it is still bee propolis and Propan TLC that they are taking. They’ve been taking Propan TLC regularly since last year, and so far this has been sufficient if I were to measure their health on the basis of whether or not they got sick. They have remained healthy, active, and free from viral illnesses last year as well as this year. They were many times they had playdates with other kids who were sick, but thankfully, their immune systems were strong enough to ward off the viruses.

I used to be more lenient with this, but now I have become quite adamant when it comes to their health. We really cannot afford to get sick! Eating right, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, giving avenues for our kids to be active and healthy with exercise, and giving them the right vitamin supplements are things we simply cannot afford to overlook.

When our kids are healthy – we can do more things and enjoy life more as a family. Taking a more- pro-active role in the health of our kids would help the family save more not just financially, but also physically and emotionally.

Here’s a summary of one of the best books on health by Dr. Don Colbert:

seven pillars of health dr. don colbert

Water. Sleep. Right food. Exercise. Detox. Vitamin supplements. Managed stress.

Again, pretty straightforward.

Now, to apply these regularly as family………

Let’s do this! 🙂



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