10 Years of No Compromise with Cycles and Cradle

When I was asked to be a part of Cycles’ 10th year anniversary campaign, I did not hesitate to say yes because since Alyanna was born, Cycles has been a part of our household. Through the years, I have gone from just trying their mild laundry detergent, to using their bottle cleaners, toy and surface cleaners, and their citronella patch (because, as it turned out, all my kids are  allergic to having direct contact with citronella oil on their skin).

Truth be told, I have always been quite skeptic when it comes to “special” lines of products. I always thought there was no difference and that it’s all marketing. So when I first gave birth to Alyanna, I didn’t really think it was necessary to buy another kind of detergent for her. Besides, I thought what we were using was mild enough since Dennis had allergies and reacted easily to strong scents. His skin also sometimes would react to anything that was too strong or full of harsh chemicals. This was why I thought simply diluting what we were already using was enough for our firstborn baby. You’d think I’d be more cautious– me, being a first-time mom at that time who’s supposedly OC and all.

BUT when Alyanna was born and she started using her blankets, cloth diapers, and of course, her clothes, we noticed she started having rashes. I know that for babies, rashes are quite common and that newborn skin is prone to  having them. But hers became quite bothersome as it sometimes worsened and became really red. I realized she got her dad’s skin, which is hypersensitive to harsh chemicals.

That’s when I started trying Cycles. Unlike other laundry detergents, Cycles does not contain unnecessary chemicals that may irritate babies’ skin. The typical detergent contains bleach, dyes, optical brighteners (because we think whiter is cleaner, right?), fabric softeners, and sometimes even overpowering fragrance/perfumes– which are too strong for babies’ skin, and which sometimes stay on the articles of clothing even after rinsing. What good is a flawlessly-white piece of clothing if my baby’s skin is all red, right? What good is a perfume-scented blanket if my baby’s only way of “appreciating” it is by sneezing…and sneezing again?

Anyway, from then on, I also started using their other products. My top two favorites are the Cradle bottle and nipple cleanser and their toy and surface cleaner. They are made from natural and edible non-toxic ingredients, so there’s no worry of harmful chemicals entering my baby’s body through ingestion.

As Cycles is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the market, our family is also celebrating our 9th year of using Cycles and Cradle. Since we have another newborn in the house (in addition to a playful two-year old who likes exploring without any care for the concept of “clean” or “dirty”), I’ve been seeing more of these around our household again lately:




Happy 10th anniversary again Cycles! 🙂 Thanks for helping moms take care of their babies with no compromise!


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