For That Extra Dose of Strength

“Look to the Lord and HIS strength; seek His face always.” (Psalm 105:4)

This seems really simple and easy enough to follow.

And I really wish it’s as easy as it sounds.

But whenever I go about doing what I feel I should do for the day, whenever I start getting preoccupied with all that I feel I have to accomplish, it is so easy to start relying on my strength, or to start looking at my checklists.

Look to the Lord, and not on my systems and routines.

Look to the Lord, and not on what I know I should and could do.

Look to the Lord and HIS strength, not on my own capabilities.

Look to the Lord and HIS strength, not on my calculations.

Seek His face, not my version of stability.

Seek His face, not whatever else I think might bring me satisfaction.

Seek HIS face….always.

Whether I am having my quiet moments– or I am confronted by chaos….seek His face. It says “always”.

Whether there is finally time to relax– or there is just too many things to do…seek His face. Always.

Whether I feel like it or not; And whether it comes naturally or I have to exert extra effort to do it….always, always….seek His face.

It is when I look to the Lord and look to His strength; It is when I seek His face….that I am able to be the kind of woman, wife, and mom that He wants me to be.

Your day might not turn out as planned. Your children might not behave as well as we had hoped. Your body may not be cooperating as much as you would want it to. You may even be feeling overwhelmed and overcome by everything else going on around you. Even then, I pray that you will be reminded to draw your strength, your satisfaction, and your joy from the one true source.

psalm 105:4

“Look to the Lord and HIS strength; seek His face¬†always.”¬†

(I think we could never repeat this too much.)