After quite some time, I finally got the chance to browse through Facebook again. It was there that I found out about Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA.

It was a short clip. But it was enough to make my heart heavy.

Now the world is giving their opinion about her.

I am not here to give my opinion about her. My opinion of her doesn’t matter.

But as I watched this young lady do whatever it is she was doing, my eyes started welling up with tears. I was really wishing someone would  go up to cover her and embrace her, as a parent would go after a lost child and embrace her tight as soon as she has been found– no matter what state she was in.

Miley, don’t you know you don’t have to do all these things to prove yourself?

Don’t you know you don’t have to project a certain image just to be accepted or adored?

Don’t you know you are beautiful, but these things you do to try to show another definition of beauty (whatever that may be)….have another effect?

Don’t you know that younger women are looking up to you, taking cues from you of what is acceptable and what is not?

Don’t you know you are worth more than the value society has placed upon you — more than your money, your fame, and your physical attributes?

Don’t you know you are loved???

As I was thinking all this, imagining myself as a parent reminding my daughter of these things, I was also reminded of something that the apostle Paul actually said about human behavior. If I were to say it in my own words, it would go a little something like this:

“Why are you so shocked all of a sudden about the behavior that you’re seeing all around you? We are all humans– broken, fallen. We have all, at some point, been given over to our “depraved minds” (harsh words right there–but that was what Paul used!) and we have all, at some point, given in to our sinful desires and passions.”


I am no different.

It may be in a smaller scale– not as high-profile and as scandalous as what Miley Cyrus did in front of millions– but I am no different.

We are no different.

At some point, we all do things that we think would finally gain the approval of those around us. At some point, we all forget how valuable we really are, and we let the world dictate our value. At some point, we all do things to try to prove ourselves–either to the world, or at the very least, to ourselves. At some point (or perhaps even more), we do foolish or careless things we wish we could take back.

And then there’s Jesus. He didn’t just wish someone would go up to embrace us, but He himself came down– stooped down– to clothe us with His righteousness.

We are no different, which is why He had to do something even more scandalous for us: He took us– broken, fallen, and depraved.…and embraced the cross for us.

And now our Heavenly Father tells us….

My child, don’t you know you don’t have to do all these things to prove yourself?

My Son has already performed on your behalf.

Don’t you know you don’t have to project a certain image just to be accepted or adored? 

I have already accepted you and brought you back to me.

Don’t you know you can stop trying to follow the world’s definition of what is beautiful?


Don’t you know you are worth more than the value society has placed upon you — more than your money, your fame, and your physical attributes?

….and do you want to know how valuable you are??

I sent my Son to give up His life for you.

If that is not love, I don’t know what is.


Anyway, it’s been a few days since the video of Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance went viral; A few days since millions of people gave their reaction and comments regarding her behavior.

Perhaps for the next couple more days, people will be talking about having had enough. One more week– give or take– we would probably hear people finally take a stand for what is tolerable and what is too much.

A few more days.

But then, what happens after that?

What happens after a new video goes viral and this would be a long-forgotten video of bad publicity for Miley?

We are quite the forgetful bunch, after all.

I do hope that though we might forget the behavior we’ve seen, that we will remember some of the things we can learn from the behavior.

1. Boundaries are important. 

In a very permissive culture, we still need boundaries. Kids, adults—all of us need boundaries. Boundaries set the limits for acceptable and helpful behavior. Boundaries help determine how we treat others, and how we let others treat us.

2. With privilege comes responsibility.

Whenever we are entrusted with something (be it influence, power, fame, or material things), we are responsible for our actions. This means that the bigger the privilege, more is expected of us. Though we would like to think that we could go about doing whatever we feel like doing, we should not because more is at stake.

3. There are three words that we need to bring back– RIGHT, WRONG, and ENOUGH.

Right and wrong still exist.

Enough is enough.





  • Marie

    Thank you Miss Thammie for this very compelling message. I made the mistake of judging Miley Cyrus after watching her VMA video. Maybe it was a natural reaction from someone who looked up to her before. I was shocked and disgusted, to say the least. But, judging her was wrong because just like her, I too have made a lot of mistakes in the past. Things i wished i never did, Maybe mine was not as scandalous and as popular as Miley’s video but yes, it’s true… we all have fallen and been broken at some point in our lives. Now i gained a more fair and rightful perspective in looking at Miley’s transformation.

  • Rejoice

    Very true, ate Thammie.

  • Guest

    This is not only for Miley Cyrus… But also to some Youth today who are being rebellious and has corrupted perception about living free. :) I’m close to tears. Thank God for this message.

    • thammiesy

      That’s right. :) Thank you. :)

  • Edogideon Daria

    Wow. After all the comment I read about this issue… I finally found something worth sharing. :)

    • thammiesy

      Wow what an encouraging thing to say! Thank you!! :D

  • Shekinah Mae A. Nitor

    Nakakatuwa po talaga kung pano nyo nae-emphasize yung pagiging sobrang importante at valuable natin as God’s children or as God’s daughter. Lalo na po dun sa talk nyo about womanhood. grabe, kahit paulit-ulit ko syang pakinggan paulit-ulit akong kinikilig sa pagmamahal ni Lord. God bless You more po Ms. Thammie and naging blessing ka po sakin at sa mga friends ko. Nakaka-inspire ka po sobra. :))))

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