Why Organize???

I can’t believe it’s already June! This means that half of the year is over and for most of you, school has started (the homeschoolers here may have a different schedule). I figure some of us are catching up and finalizing our decluttering and organizing before all the schoolwork start coming in, am I right?

Just in case my hunch is correct, I would like to work alongside you in your quest for a more organized home. (Well, in all honestly, it’s really the other way around. I would like to ask you to work alongside me as I organize our new home.)

Let’s start with the basics.

Why organize???

What are your reasons for finally rolling your sleeves up and doing this? Do a mental check on whichever applies:

– I really want to end the stress that all the clutter in my house is causing.

– I want my house to be a blessing—one that could be a refuge for others, too.

– I want my kids to realize that their room is NOT a giant hamper or toy bin.

– I want to be able to find what I am looking for easily.

– I want whatever it is I clean to stay clean—at least for more than 30 minutes!

– I want my husband to come home to a restful home after a day’s work.

–  I want to train my children to be responsible and organized as well.

– I want to be able to have guests over anytime—even on a whim.

– I want to stay at home and feel that I am home.

– I want to be able to focus on more important things everyday—like my relationships.

– I want peace.

You may wish to add whatever reason you have here.

Now that you are sure you want to do this, and now that you know why you want to do this, let’s go to the “What?” – What are the behaviors and habits that are keeping you from being organized?  In addition, what are those you need to develop to help you become organized and stay organized?

Maybe now is a good time to get away from your computer screens and start jotting down habits that are “detrimental” to your home’s health, as well as habits that you would need to start (or continue, whatever is applicable) as you work your way towards an orderly home.


One step at a time, let’s start working on those needed habits, shall we? 🙂

What’s the first thing on your list? What habit do you need to change now? What habit would you like to work on first?

Do share! 😉