Sonja’s Cupcakes

Tea parties at home have recently put on a new meaning. More than the typical cookies and milk (as substitute for the girls’ tea), they have been asking for real cupcakes that they can decorate….with real frosting. It all started when Alyanna and I had our date last week at Cupcakes by Sonja. We were treated to hours of fun bonding time decorating our delicious cupcakes with lots of colorful frosting and whatchamacallits (you know, those tiny decorations the equivalent of sequins if we were doing a paper-related project? Help! Baker-friends!??).



Cute noh?? 😀


Uy. Serious siya. 🙂


I was so tempted to grab this cupcake from Alyanna and do the frosting/decorating for her! Sooo tempted! 🙂


One spontaneous shot….

CupcakesBySonjaMomBloggers-333 …And a more “serious” one. 🙂

I really cannot blame the girls for having their tastes upgraded by Sonja’s cupcakes. Years ago, none of us would even think of craving for cupcakes. Cakes, yes. Ice cream, yes. Chocolates, yes. But cupcakes???  ….Not until Sonja came up with her version of these little, now-irresistable things!


The good news for all you lovers of the delightful, Sonja’s Cupcakes is set to open more branches around the Metro. Within the year, expect to see and taste more of Sonja’s delicious creations at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Eastwood City, Greenhills, and TriNoma. Most recently, Sonja’s Cupcakes opened its newest store at the second floor Bridgeway of Glorietta 2.  Do visit them there, yes? 🙂


For more information, visit Cupcakes by Sonja online!