School of Rock

Hello everybody! I’m Alyanna. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar so that I can play music for my family. Guess what? Now I can! Why? Because I went to the School of Rock!   When I was invited to the School of Rock, I was excited to go. But as the days drew closer I became… Read more →

Family Activities with La-Z-Boy

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by the one week that we had with the La-Z-Boy Recliner. For this post, I went over some old photos of moments we had with the kids and it made me realize how a lot of our meaningful conversations happened (and are still happening) whenever we all tried to fit into our recliner!  The last… Read more →

On Becoming Art Smart

My girls, especially Alyanna, have been asking me to bring them to art classes for a couple of years now. I think Alyanna was only four when she started expressing her desire to have art lessons. Due to budget constraints, however, we never really put art classes on top of the priority list. My standard response was always, “Oh, you… Read more →

The Ultimate Goal of Why We Homeschool our Kids

The past three or so weeks have been designated as “project weeks”. Instead of the usual lessons and individual work they have to do, project week is when we slow down to just dwell on those topics they would want to spend more time on and make outputs for. Ideally, the kids have to come up with an output at the… Read more →

A Christmas Countdown Activity: Counting Your Blessings

Because of our season of having a new baby, we tried to minimize our activities this usually-busy month of December. I have had to choose which activities and parties to say yes to, and for the first time since we got married, so far I have scheduled only two parties that I have to host here at home. (The past… Read more →

Supporting Your Child’s Sporty Lifestyle

In between taking care of our newborn, our toddler, and homeschooling our girls, I’ve been attempting to “feed” myself with our pastor Steve Murrell’s latest book entitled MY FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD ATTEMPT AT PARENTING (after more important modes of feeding, of course….like reading my Bible and….uhm…having cake *cue a guilty grin here*). I have to admit my pace is… Read more →

10 Years of No Compromise with Cycles and Cradle

When I was asked to be a part of Cycles’ 10th year anniversary campaign, I did not hesitate to say yes because since Alyanna was born, Cycles has been a part of our household. Through the years, I have gone from just trying their mild laundry detergent, to using their bottle cleaners, toy and surface cleaners, and their citronella patch… Read more →

Liam’s Birth

I love how every birthing experience is unique. It is always a reminder of how sovereign God is, and how everything is always, ultimately in His hands. I asked God of three things regarding Liam’s birth: 1) For my labor to be the shortest one I’ve ever experienced so far; 2) For me to be able to go through labor naturally… Read more →

Standing on God’s Promises

I know so many of my friends and almost everyone in our Victory Greenhills staff is pregnant, so I wanted to write this post as an encouragement and reminder to them, and to you! Here are some of the verses I meditated on, most especially as labor day drew near: Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. DO NOT FEAR or… Read more →

Can’t Afford to be Sick

I was going to start writing about Liam’s birth but the past two weeks have really all been a blur. Just when the adrenaline from giving birth has finally gone down and my body was just about ready to get more than a total of two hours of sleep per 24-hour cycle, we found out that Liam’s bilirubin levels were… Read more →